The upper is embellished with intricate laser work and adorned with decorative fringing, and further enhanced by the dazzling sparkle of precious Swarovski crystals.
Reveal your inner romantic in these women's ankle boots, made in genuine italian leather and embellished by exclusive belts with metallic details and tassel on the side.

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In Travelling For Wonder

It's the encounter with the Unexpected, with the Surprising...
"IN" underlines the present time, the being now, FOR the future to be realized through a
Thought, through a Desire, through the Devotion, which will lead us to a free path of
awareness of one's Being.
Karma of Charme has always had Nature in its DNA: Nature as the Planet, as a whole
Universe, Nature as part of us. By becoming aware of it, we can give ourselves the
opportunity to understand its intensity. Intensity: like a vertical line that forges us just as
"hands", a true instrument of creation and knowledge. A vertical line that is in our present, far
superior to the horizontal line of an entire existence. And it is precisely for this reason that
we would like to state:
"No place is really too far to travel."