Packing for a safari could be very challenging: outfits must be functional (and chic of course) and respect local cultures, especially if you are planning a Safari in a muslim Country as Tanzania. 

Here some suggestions from our special friend Dianamiaus about being stylish and comfortable during an African Safari.

What she suggests:

  • Choose neutral colors like beige, tan or kakhi.
  • Avoid wearing red (it may scare the animals) and blue or black (they both attract the Tse-Tse flies).
  • Also, avoid patterns like leopard or camouflage.
  • Wear natural fabrics as cotton and linen.
  • Bring layers: a light jacket or a scarf come very handy in early game drives and night safaris.
  • Last but not least: you must pack a maximum of 15kg!

Let's have a look at her outfits:

Maxi dresses, wide-brimmed hat, camera bag and ankle-boots; all in natural colors. She chose Applejack boots: light and comfortable, protect your feet and match all the natural color styles.

Get her look: