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Karma of Charme is a fascinating story

Karma of Charme


Founded in 2005, as a family business of moccasin boots, symbol of the bohemian style, Karma of Charme is now an internationally well-known company, true synonymous of craftsmanship and high-quality.

The idea of spending the most precious gift, time, to create something unique, which would make people thrill and dream, and the bond with the highest tradition of Italian crafsmanship, its values, are at the core of Karma of Charme approach.

Each Karma of Charme's creation is hand-made and hand-sewn through the meticulous work of experienced artisans, and after a careful selection of raw materials. Each detail is expression of the dedication and the passion through whom this work is carried out. Each element is the result of the endless stylistyic research and the interest in the different cultures.

The thread in view is the symbol and metaphor of the Karma of Charme soul Karma of Charme is, and always will be, a family. Any person entering the Karma of Charme world share with it the same values of authenticity and craftsmanship, without which would not be possible create something precious, together.